Concepts & Treatments

Over 90% of our music videos are concepts and treatments visualised by KevinHudsonFilm. Simply send your song(s) to get started with a creative concept and story-boarded treatment.


Direction is key when it comes to executing extraordinary and unique music videos. Creative direction, clear instructions and attention to detail is what we strive to accomplish on every set.

Director of Photography

Cinematography on any project is the first thing the audience connects with. That is why a DOP with knowledge in composition, lighting and camera settings is essential. All skill sets we have and continue to develop!


The editor controls how the story is told or how the audience perceive different scenes. This is why it should be left to someone with innovative ways of piecing that story together. KevinHudsonFilm have strong skillsets in Adobe Premeire Pro, After Effects and Final Cut.

Colour Correction

The tone and style of an image can sometimes make or break a scene. This is why we aim to understand what the director and DOP is aiming to achieve with each scene before a tone is set. Our colour services range from music videos and film to documentary and promos.


Originally starting in Graphic Design whilst still dabble in Photoshop and Illustrator for certain video effects and motion design. With that we can offer Logo design, Album Artwork, Branding & Promotional Designs etc. For examples of work click here.

Our work process is very simple and straight forward. We like to work in a basic linear process to deliver that magic!


Pre-production such as concepts, scripts, treatments and call sheets are set in place for production dates.


Production dates can vary depending on the project but once complete we head straight to the editing suite for a speedy turnaround!


Over 95% of our developed content ends up online which is great as we are able to upload it for you for publication when you’re ready. Hard copies can also be made.